Iconic Shibuya Starbucks to Reopen in Original Location on April 25th

The famous Starbucks location overlooking the legendary Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is set to reopen on April 25th, 2024 after months of anticipation. This Starbucks, which closed its doors in October 2023, was an iconic fixture of the bustling Shibuya district and a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

Situated on the second floor of the Q Front building, this Starbucks location was forced to close due to the building’s main tenant, Tsutaya, shutting down for renovations.

Tsutaya occupied 9 floors of the building and operated as a major media store where customers could purchase and rent books, music, movies and more.

However, with the rise in digital streaming and rental services in recent years, Tsutaya saw asteady decline in demand and made the decision to overhaul its store design and concept.

When Tsutaya closed for renovations, Starbucks had no choice but to cease operations as well, leaving many fans disappointed that they could no longer enjoy a coffee while taking in the incredible view of Shibuya Crossing.

This Starbucks shop opened in 2002 and quickly became one of the most iconic and photographed cafes in Tokyo, gaining worldwide fame. Its unique floor-to-ceiling glass windows looking out directly onto the famous Shibuya scramble crossing intersection made it an instantly recognizable landmark.

The closure of this beloved Starbucks last October was big news that captured international attention. Fans around the world were saddened by the loss of such an iconic cafe. Speculation brewed over whether Starbucks would reopen in the same coveted location or if a new tenant would take over the space.

Fortunately for longtime fans, Starbucks has now confirmed it will reopen its original Shibuya Crossing café on April 25th. The company announced that when Tsutaya completes renovations and reopens later this spring, Starbucks will once again welcome customers to its famous second floor perch overlooking the scramble.

Tsutaya’s renovations are meant to revamp the store to better meet changing consumer demands in the digital age. The main focus appears to be transforming into an experience-driven complex with cafes, lounges, and spaces for pop-up shops and exhibits. They want to leverage “IP”, or intellectual properties like anime, music, and brands, to create engaging experiences for customers.

While Tsutaya will discontinue its past rental services, the building will aim to become a new cultural hub that connects people through creativity and content. The second floor Starbucks will be restored to its former glory, maintaining the same coveted positioning and view that made it such a sensation.

In its announcement, Starbucks expressed excitement about reopening its Shibuya Crossing café, which has been an important part of its brand story in Japan and across the globe. The company said it looks forward to continuing to share the unique experience of sipping handcrafted coffee while taking in an unparalleled view of the world-famous Shibuya scramble.

This is welcome news for the countless locals, tourists, and influencers who made visiting this Starbucks a must on their Tokyo itineraries. The reopening is timed just before the busy spring travel season, when visitor numbers will surge in anticipation of cherry blossom season.

While details remain limited, Starbucks and Tsutaya have hinted at some new design elements and expanded seating when the building reopens. It is expected that the second floor Starbucks may be incorporated as part of a larger lounge area. Regardless of any minor changes, the shop’s sweeping views of Shibuya will remain intact.

The highly anticipated revival comes just in time for the spring, when Shibuya’s cherry trees bloom and foot traffic peaks. Sasazuka Dori street below, which leads directly into the scramble, will be lined with pink blossoms as people pack sidewalks and crosswalks.

Given Tsutaya’s ambitions to create a new culture hub, the atmosphere surrounding this Starbucks location may feel elevated and reinvigorated. For anyone who enjoyed visiting the iconic coffee house pre-closure or wished to check it off their sightseeing list, the long wait is nearly over. The world-famous Shibuya Starbucks will be reopened and ready to share its unparalleled front-row view of Tokyo in action once again.

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