Spacious Two-Story Wooden Home in Quiet Nabari Neighborhood

For those considering a move to Japan, there are many appealing housing options available beyond the major city centers. In smaller cities and suburbs, sizable family homes with traditional Japanese designs can be found at very reasonable prices.

Buying House in Japan

One such example is a two-story wooden house built in 1987 currently listed in the residential neighborhood of Suzurandai Higashi 5-bancho in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture. Which is about 1 hour drive from Nara, 90 minutes to Kyoto and Osaka.

Properties like this give you a sense of the types of spacious living situations foreigners can find in Japan outside of places like Tokyo.

Despite its affordable ¥2,500,000 ($15,800 USD) asking price, this home offers a generous 137 square meters (1,480 square feet) of interior space across six rooms, a living/dining area, and a kitchen. The traditional Japanese layout provides plenty of flexibility for families.

Outdoor space is also plentiful, with the home sitting on a 210 square meter (2,240 square foot) land plot, leaving room for a nice garden or yard.

While located in a quiet residential neighborhood removed from the city hustle, the home’s proximity to Kikiogaoka Station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line means the nearby major metropolises remain easily accessible.

Wooden construction and design elements like tatami rooms give the 1987 home an authentically traditional Japanese feel that may appeal to foreign residents. Yet it provides all the modern amenities and spacious living areas desired by families.

For those intrigued by living situations in Japan beyond the biggest cities, affordable properties like this two-story wooden house in Nabari City can give a good representation of the types of housing stock available. The potential to find value on a spacious, traditional-style home may surprise some looking to relocate.

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