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teamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum Reopening in Tokyo with New Interactive Exhibits

The hugely popular teamLab Borderless digital art museum in Tokyo is set to reopen in January 2024 after relocating to a new site in the Azabudai Hills area. With expanded exhibition space spanning 30,000 square meters, the museum will feature several new large-scale interactive art installations along with revamped favorites from its previous Odaiba location.

Update: new teamLab Borderless unveils three new artworks

New Installations Bring Infinity Rooms, Sculptures of Light, and Cosmic Displays

Three new main attractions have been announced so far for the reopened venue.

Microcosmoses is an infinity room-style installation with hundreds of rotating lights suspended over mirrored floors, creating a dazzling galaxy-like effect. As the space transitions from light to dark, the lights burst into vibrant, cosmic colors.

The Light Sculpture series reconstructs 3D forms using beams of light. Works like “Birth” and “Sea of Clouds” use mist, lights, and mirrors to build stunning illusions.

An expansive new digital display called Untitled will envelope multiple rooms with overflowing art that interacts and communicates between spaces.

Evolved Fan Favorites Round Out the 30,000 sqm Borderless Experience

In addition to fresh exhibits, popular repeat favorites like Athletic Forest and Forest of Lamps have been reimagined to take advantage of the museum’s expanded layout. Athletic Forest now features a larger maze-like space designed to stimulate spatial thinking. The new Forest of Lamps has over double the number of interactive lamp displays for a grander experience.

During its first run, teamLab Borderless attracted over 2.3 million visitors annually and was named one of the world’s greatest places by Time Magazine in 2019. Fans can look forward to even more cutting-edge art technology and creative interactivity when it reopens in Azabudai Hills this January. Advance tickets will be available from the official website.

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