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Fresh and Homemade Goods Abound at Hyakumanben Tedukuri Ichi’s Monthly Market


The monthly market of Hyakumanben Tedukuri Ichi, held at the historic Chionji Temple in Kyoto city’s Sakyo Ward, brings a plethora of handmade goods, food items, and unique artistry to avid shoppers. Hosted on the 15th of every month except August, it has become a magnet for both locals and tourists looking for distinctive Japanese crafts and homely baked products. It’s one of the most awaited Kyoto events in July.

The Attractiveness of the Homely Handicraft Market

Hyakumanben Tedukuri Ichi overshadowed its establishment in 1987 as a tiny flea market. It aimed to provide an avenue for amateur craft workers to showcase their creations while fostering a community dynamic. This seemingly humble beginning has since transformed into a bustling market that attracts approximately 10,000 visitors each month. Over 450 stalls can partake in the event as they are selected via a lottery system to maintain equity and variety.

Artisanal Bread Galore

One striking aspect of this market is its wide range of exceptional bread and pastry offerings. Many stallholders offer an inviting variety of homemade bread, resulting in long queues forming from early in the morning.

Many popular bakeries sell out before noon, making it worthwhile for the early bird customers that come prepared. Whether you’re craving traditional Japanese sweetbreads or international favorites like baguettes and croissants your taste buds are catered for.

A Treasure Trove of Handmade Accessories

The market doesn’t only limit itself to delicious treats but also extends to an extensive collection of beautiful handmade accessories. Shoppers can explore rows upon rows of varied shops selling everything from elegantly crafted jewelry to quirky, unique pieces reflecting the personality of the artisan behind them. Notably, some exhibitors run their own independent stores outside the confines of the monthly market, while others venture into this craft simply for enjoyment.

Authentic Homemade Confectioneries

For those with a sweet tooth, this market offers an enticing range of confectioneries ranging from cookies and caramel sweets to traditional Japanese delicacies. Radiating warmth that stems from their handmade creation process, these confectioneries make great budget-friendly souvenirs.

A Well-curated Display of Craftsmanship

Artistry doesn’t stop at food and accessories; rows upon rows are dedicated to pottery pieces ranging from artistic creations to practical everyday items at reasonable prices. Compared with its better-known counterparts – Tenjin-san and Kobo-san markets – Hyakumanben offers equally impressive craftsmanship in pottery.

Once in a Lifetime Encounter

Given that stalls change monthly based on a lottery system, consumers are given something new to look forward every visit by stumbling upon different finds each time they explore the market. Therein lies the charm of this colorful bazaar – customers are encouraged to take advantage when they find something they like knowing it could be a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Being more than just a marketplace, Hyakumanben tedukuri ichi creates an atmosphere where people share their creative works with others making it a community bonding experience centered on celebrating creativity and innovation in craftwork.

Another nice market to go is Umekoji Park Handicrafts Market. For a delightful day of shopping surrounded by nature, be sure to visit this market. Check out stalls filled with unique handmade items like pottery, textiles, woodwork, jewelry, and more all created by local Kyoto artisans.

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