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January Grand Sumo Tournament

January Grand Sumo Tournament

Witness the power and tradition of Sumo Wrestling at the January Grand Sumo Tournament, one of the Unmissable Tokyo Events in January.

What’s Expected in the Tournament?

The January Grand Sumo Tournament is the first of Japan’s six annual sumo tournaments, or honbasho. The traditional sport offers an intensive and engaging experience for all attendees. Participants’ rankings are released a few weeks before each tournament, encouraging anticipation and speculation about potential outcomes.

Unique details that amplify the interest in these contests are released in advance, allowing people to plan their attendance efficiently. These details include ticket availability and start times.

Seating and Ticket Information

Seating is divided into two main categories: box seating which includes tatami areas accommodating four people, and arena seats.

Ticket sales for this coveted event usually commence online on December 10th. Some tickets are also available at the venue on the event day for impromptu attendees who might not have had an opportunity to purchase theirs earlier. However, anyone hoping to grab tickets on-site should plan to arrive very early because they sell out quickly.

Scheduling Your Visit

Sumo matches proceed throughout the day at various intervals, which gives attendees multiple options of what time to attend depending on their schedules or preferences. For attendees interested in grabbing food during breaks, there is an allowance made for them to leave and come back when they please.

Most typically, heightened excitement around matches starts building up around 2 p.m. As one would anticipate, weekends and days towards the end of the tournament tend to be bustling due to its popularity among locals and tourists alike.

The January Grand Sumo Tournament takes place over 15 consecutive days, with subsequent honbashos taking place every odd month throughout the year.

The Live Experience vs Broadcast

Although these exhilarating fights are indeed televised via NHK (Japan’s national broadcasting station equivalent to BBC), witnessing these intense contests in-person offers an unmatchable experience.

Nothing compares with sitting amidst around 10,000 fans in suspense as sumo wrestlers subtly strategize behind white battle lines poised for their next move at the legendary Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium in Sumida. Tokyo hosts three of these events annually, contributing significantly to its cultural richness throughout the city and country.

Experience the eclectic charms of the Earth Garden Winter Festival while soaking in the electrifying atmosphere of the January Grand Sumo Tournament, two captivating Tokyo events in January.

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