Japanese city unleashes dog version of Google Street View

GOOGLE Street View helps tourists quickly become familiar with a new place and allows potential vacationers to virtually travel to anywhere in the world.Despite this, most of us search for our house right away … because it’s not like we see it every day anyway. But now Google Street View is taking the way we map out a place to a whole new, and super cute level.

If you’re traveling through Japan – specifically Odate City – with your furkid and you’re curious to see what the world looks like from down there, you can now watch these videos to see what Akita dogs, Asuka, Ako and Puko see.These are the three lucky pups belonging to Google employees that each had a camera strapped to their lead harnesses.

The images show 360-degree views from the dog’s perspective of Odate city, also known as the original birthplace of Akita dogs – AKA mega cuties. The camera is positioned on their backs, so you can see their fluffy little heads bobbing around as they explore the city with you.

On the tour of the city, the pups pass a statue of Hachiko – Odate’s most famous dog, known for his extreme loyalty to his owner, Dr Ueno.

The canine street view also strolls past the city’s old dog shrine, hot spring footpath of Otaki Onsen Tsuru and the Akita Dog Museum.

According to Travel and Leisure, Google is planning on filming in more locations.

This article originally appeared on website Travel Wire Asia.


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