This Flower Looks Exactly Like Demon Slayer’s Blue Spider Lily

If you were watching Kimetsu no Yaiba with full attention, you must be aware that the Blue Spider Lily was an essential ingredient in the drug that Muzan Kibutsuji’s doctor-developed to help him live. The flower was believed to be similar to its cousin, the Red Spider Lily (Lycoris radiata) but was colored blue instead of red.

Demon Slayer Blue Spider Lily

Although a true blue spider lily is unknown (or at least is not yet discovered), there are some lilies that have blue coloring within their petals. The appropriately called Electric Blue Spider Lily (Lycoris sprengeri) is predominantly pink, but it also has blue streaks with the amount of blue shading differing in flower.

Recently, Japanese photographer @soubi_rose found an amazing sample of Electric Blue Spider Lily with a fantastic mix of blue and pink.

Demon Slayer blue spider lily

With their full-on blooms, flowers are swaying in the rain and dazzling in their brightness. The blooms begged for a photograph, and Soubi was delighted to oblige. The photos went viral following the time Soubi posted them to his Twitter profile.

The tweet has more than 145,000 followers and 34,000 retweets as the writing time.

Evidently, the photographer searched for Red Spider Lillies at their local park but came to this fantastic specimen instead.

It’s a fact that sometimes unique and stunning natural treasures are revealed at times you least expect them.

If you spot a lily of the spider out in nature, no matter if it’s electric blue or red, be careful not to touch it. The genus Lycoris flowers are poisonous.


Source: Grapee

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