Tokyo Auto Salon Revs Up for 2024

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Tokyo Auto Salon

Experience the Excitement of Tokyo Auto Salon, One of the Most Anticipated Tokyo Events in January for Car Enthusiasts.

Tickets Booking and Event Details

In a yearly celebration of high-performance automobiles, the Tokyo Auto Salon is returning to Makuhari Messe in mid-January 2024. This widely popular car customization
event can be easily differentiated from the biannual Tokyo Motor Show, mainly known for its focus on street-legal vehicles. Auto Salon focuses on race cars and modified vehicles – a much-anticipated event for all car enthusiasts. The tickets are now available online.

Enormous Spread with Huge Patronage

The magnitude of the event remains impressive year after year. More than 1,000 mesmerizing displays of cars and over 4,000 booths showcasing myriad accessories and nifty add-ons reportedly attract around 300,000 eager visitors. The visitors include distinguished press members and noted celebrities from the auto world.

The vastness of the event covers four exhibition halls, each analogous to accommodating about one-two jumbo jet with plenty of room to spare. The event organization includes an indoor arena and an outside event area ideal for drift shows and test drives. A casual stroll admiring these magnificent displays might take around 3 hours.


Exhibits a Diverse Range

While famous in the tune-up world, not all showcased vehicles appear as contenders for a Fast & Furious movie sequel. Impressive sound systems designed for automobiles and people carriers renovated into luxurious mobile dining spaces are on display. You can find everything from off-road rally cars to tool-kit manufacturers catering to your vehicle needs.

Additionally, major automobile manufacturers mark their presence with their latest models. Whether it is gloss jobs, souped-up audio kits for your automobile, or merchandise giveaways, there is something for everyone!

Attendee Engagement and Ticket Prices

Though the vehicular beauties would captivate anyone’s attention at this grand affair, booths featuring scantily-clad models promoting products often steal the show. Ticket pricing is reasonable considering the massive scale – prices at ¥3,000 on the day of the event.

Note the availability of same-day ticket sales at the venue is uncertain. As a regular public reminder: purchasing tickets in advance is advised.

The History and Expansion

Tokyo Auto Salon’s credited inception returns to OPTION Magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief in 1983. Initially aimed towards spreading custom car culture globally as Tokyo Exciting Car Show, then underwent expansion by a name change in 1987 to Tokyo Auto Salon and shifting venue from Ariake to Harumi’s Makuhari Messe.

Today’s Auto Salon includes automakers’ new release announcements aligned with Auto Salon schedules, proving a testament to its continual growth over the years.

Explore Spiritual and Mechanical Marvels at Tokyo Auto Salon, Where the Seven Lucky Gods Pilgrimage Meets Automotive Excellence.

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