Two Japanese Citizen Departed from Nepal Government because of being involved in religion changing awareness programme in Nepal

The government of Nepalhas just punished 3 foreign citizens because of misusing the visa policy by changing the religion of people in Nepal.
Last time, During awaring peoples about the christian religin in Nepal, the government of Nepal has arrested two Japanese Woman, Mari Ekura and Yasu Oba along with Australian women katrina gran. The department of Home minister arrested them and investigated on them.
The dicision is now published. The foreigners are punished to be out of Nepal and they will never be allowed to enter Nepa throughout upcoming five years in their life.

The two Japanese citizens are made to pay 50 Thousand Npr also.
The departmental Head of investigation department Bishnu hari upadhyaye said that the government is now ready to depart the two japanese from Nepal. He said,they already had a written file and document to depart them from nepal and they have submited it to nepal goovernment.

The Japanese were arrested in Butwal, Nepal along with 2 piece of Bible , the holy book. The local people also blame the Two Japanese as they spoke too much in against of hindu religion and they tried to involve the hindu people of local area into christian religion without any interest of the people.

Also, They showed the economic belief to the local people to attract them toward their religion.
on same day, Nepal government also arrested an Australian woman named Gran in simillar case. She hhas been staying in student visa in Nepal, and during these years she has been strongly involved in publishing the religious tasks over the villages and cities of ne

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