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Taking Luxury to New Heights: Starlux Airlines’ Debut Flight Between Taipei and Los Angeles

Taiwanese carrier Starlux Airlines has just flown its first trans-Pacific flight, connecting Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport and the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), making Southern California the airline’s premier North American destination.

Inaugural Flight Marks Milestone for Starlux

The commencement of this new long-haul route marks a significant achievement for the luxury airline, which, since launching in 2018, has eyed expansion into intercontinental markets, including North America, Europe, and Oceania. The inaugural flight took place on Wednesday, with the airline’s chairman, K.W. Chang, piloting the Airbus A350-900 jet to Los Angeles.

Starlux CEO Glenn Chai said that the new Taipei-Los Angeles flights open up opportunities for the carrier to transport passengers between North America and regional destinations in Asia. The airline plans to add a new destination to its North American network yearly.

Expansion Plans for Starlux in North America

According to Chairman Chang Kuo-wei, Starlux aims to launch flights to a new US destination every six to eight months. The next planned addition will be in San Francisco at the end of this year. Other potential routes include New York City as part of a broader strategy to strengthen connections across the Pacific.

In collaboration with Alaska Airlines, travelers will soon be able to book one through-ticket between Alaska’s widespread American network and Starlux’s route to Taipei. This partnership offers convenient options for Taiwanese and American passengers alike.

Luxury Experience Onboard Starlux Flights

The Airbus A350 aircraft features four seats in First Class, 26 in Business, 36 in Premium Economy, and 240 in Economy. Starlux aims to make luxury accessible with everything from earth-toned interiors and award-winning crew attire to Michelin-rated meals and personalized amenities.

First and Business class passengers can expect private spaces with sliding doors and full-flat and Zero-G mode seats for optimal relaxation. Premium Economy passengers will enjoy spacious 40-inch Recaro seats with leg rests and footrest bars. Economy class seats are designed for comfort, featuring leather headrests and a generous seat pitch. All guests can enjoy 4K personal large screens for in-flight entertainment.

Starlux Airlines differentiates itself from other Taiwanese carriers by offering first-class seats, a rarity among contemporary airlines. The current price for a first-class ticket between Los Angeles and Taipei hovers around $19,000, including an allowance of three checked bags weighing up to 32kg (70lbs) each and a carry-on allowance of up to 14kg (30lbs).

Starlux plans to feature various themed amenities such as meal packaging, playing cards, eye masks, luggage tags, and signed jerseys in partnership with the LA Dodgers baseball team and the LA Clippers basketball team.

Enhanced Travel Experience at Los Angeles International Airport

As part of its luxury-focused approach, Starlux will provide first-class passengers at LAX with access to Reserve PS (Private Suite), a highly exclusive terminal offering chauffeur service to and from the plane while avoiding busy terminals altogether. This luxurious experience will soon be further complemented by dine-on-demand services featuring caviar.

With its successful launch of the Taipei-Los Angeles route and ambitious expansion plans, Starlux Airlines continues to make bold strides in blurring the line between luxury travel and standard commercial flights.

Exploring Starlux Airlines’ Flights to Japan: Six Exciting Destinations

Starlux Airlines, a boutique carrier based in Taipei, has been expanding its network to various destinations in Asia, including six cities in Japan: Narita, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. This article will provide an overview of each city’s flights, general pricing, and flight times.


As the primary international airport serving Tokyo, Narita is a popular destination for travelers. Starlux Airlines offers daily flights from Taipei to Narita, with flight times averaging around 3 hours and 30 minutes. Prices for economy class tickets typically range from $200 to $400, depending on the season and booking time.


Known for its vibrant food scene and historical landmarks, Osaka is another popular destination in Japan. Starlux Airlines operates daily flights from Taipei to Osaka, with approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes flight times. Economy class fares generally range from $150 to $350.


Famous for its snow festivals and winter sports, Sapporo attracts tourists year-round. Starlux Airlines offers flights from Taipei to Sapporo, with flight times of around 4 hours. Economy class ticket prices usually vary between $250 and $450.


As a gateway to the Tohoku region, Sendai offers a mix of urban attractions and natural beauty. Starlux Airlines operates flights from Taipei to Sendai, with approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes flight times. Economy class fares typically range from $200 to $400.


Known for its ancient temples and modern shopping centers, Fukuoka is a popular destination in southern Japan. Starlux Airlines offers flights from Taipei to Fukuoka, with 2 hours and 30 minutes flight times. Economy class ticket prices generally vary between $150 and $350.


Famous for its beautiful beaches and unique culture, Okinawa is a popular vacation spot. Starlux Airlines operates flights from Taipei to Okinawa, with flight times of approximately 2 hours. Economy class fares typically range from $100 to $300.

Starlux Airlines offers flights to six exciting cities in Japan, providing travelers with a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. With various flight times and pricing options, passengers can choose the perfect itinerary for their trip to Japan. As Starlux Airlines continues to expand its network, more travelers will have the opportunity to experience the unique service and dedication to customer satisfaction that sets this airline apart from other carriers.

Starlux Launch FAQs

  1. What is the new route launched by Starlux Airlines?

    Starlux Airlines has launched its first commercial service between Taiwan and the United States, connecting Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

  2. When did the inaugural flight for this new route take place?

    The inaugural flight took place on Wednesday, with Starlux Chairman K.W. Chang piloting the Airbus A350-900 jet from Taipei to Los Angeles.

  3. What aircraft is used on this route, and what are its seating configurations?

    Starlux uses an Airbus A350 aircraft for this route, featuring four seats in First Class, 26 in Business Class, 36 in Premium Economy, and 240 in Economy Class.

  4. How often will the Taipei-Los Angeles flights operate initially, and are there plans to increase frequency?

    Initially, the Taipei-Los Angeles route will have five round trips a week. Starlux plans to increase its service to daily flights starting in June.

  5. What unique features and amenities can passengers expect on Starlux flights between Taipei and Los Angeles?

    Passengers can expect a luxury experience with earth-toned interiors, award-winning crew attire, Michelin-rated meals, personalized amenities, and large 4K personal screens for in-flight entertainment. First and Business Class passengers will enjoy private spaces with sliding doors and full-flat seats with Zero-G mode. There will also be exclusive access to Reserve PS (Private Suite) at LAX for first-class passengers, offering chauffeur service to and from the plane while avoiding busy terminals altogether.

Source: all image from Starlux Facebook page

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