Apps You Must Have If You Travel To Japan 

Your trip to Japan can become complex if you have poor knowledge of their primary activities and language. If you are scared about traveling to Japan and your inability to cope with their traditions and food, then worry no more. 

This blog provides you with advanced applications that can save your day. Here we have provided a detailed list of some applications you need while traveling to Japan with their services and how to use them during your International travels. 

6 Apps To Prepare You For A Trip To Japan

Are you wondering, “How should I prepare for a trip to japan?” The apps listed below will help you make your Japan trip better.

1. Navitime

Navitime is an application that might assist you during your travel to Japan. It allows you to navigate around japan with advanced door-to-door search options and a voice navigation system. 

It permits you to conduct an offline search on free Wi-Fi to get information like train delay, platform data, offline route storage, and train stop list. This application is suitable for download on both IOS and Android-based platforms. An Internet connection is essential for this application. You can use it during your stay in Japan.

2. Tokyo Subway Navigation 

If your primary destination in Japan is Tokyo, this application is essential while using the Metropolitan system for traveling. 

This application is user-friendly and suitable for people from all countries. Install and use it to travel using the Subway system in Japan. 

It is popular among tourists and locals to select the subway train and use it by clicking on the station names. This application is available for both Android and IOS platforms.

3. VPN

One of the essential apps for traveling in Japan is the virtual private network. While traveling in Japan, you must access the internet through public Wi-Fi hotspots. While accessing such hot spots, security is an essential feature to avoid hacking and losing your identity in the digital world. 

You can download a free trial version of any VPN application. The VeePN app is a better option since it is user-friendly and easy to access. 

Download your VPN for Japan before visiting the country and then access any hotspot for an internet connection. Read more about the necessity of a VPN connection by clicking on the link. So, a VPN will secure your identity and allow you to use public networks safely.

4. Japan Transit Planner

If you wish to travel within Japan by train, this application is a boon for your requirements. It provides detailed analysis and data on the distance between your starting and ending points, the fare, type, and total price for purchasing the tickets. 

This application is available  for both IOS and Android mobile platforms. It allows you to create a perfect timetable with an appropriate train route. This application is free to download and use while traveling through Japan. 

5. Imiwa?

This Dictionary app will be helpful if you want a source to engage with the local population. It provides you with common Japanese words and sentences along with proper pronunciations. 

This app includes many languages like Korean, English, German, and Spanish. It does not require an internet connection and is available for both IOS and Android platforms.

6. Gourmet Navigator

Searching for a suitable restaurant in a foreign country like Japan can take time and effort. Under such a situation, you can use this GuruNavi application to find a restaurant based on different cuisines. 

The application comes with many filters that allow you to find places with English-speaking staff, wi-Fi, non-smoking facilities, and family-recommended restaurants. 

This app is a boon for people who are not comfortable with Japanese cuisine and searching for places that provide them with their favorite food. These filters allow you to find a suitable restaurant in the nearby area.


What apps do you need to travel to Japan?

Japan is a Metropolitan country with advanced Subway systems. Traveling can be easy with applications that explain the Subway system with friendly language and denominations. So install a tourist guide-based App and a Subway app to make your travel easier. 

Which app is most used in Japan?

The basic subway navigation app is the most used in Japan since it is the mode of transport for most people. People also use other entertainment applications like Youtube and Google maps for transportation. 

What should I do on my first trip to Japan?

The first thing to do in Japan is to get a JR exchange card that allows you to access public transit within the country. They are available in most Subway stations and also in some train stations. This rechargeable card is essential to travel in Japan.

When is the best time to visit Japan?

Spring (March to May) and fall are the ideal times to visit Japan (September to November). This is the time of year when Japan is at its most brilliant, with delicate cherry blossoms and bright crimson foliage giving contrast to the surroundings. Keep in mind that it might potentially be quite crowded at this time.

How long should my first vacation to Japan last?

Ten days is plenty for a first-time visitor, but you may easily extend this schedule to two weeks in Japan if you have a few more days, or miss one or two destinations if you just have a week.

Should you give a tip while paying the bill at a Japanese restaurant?

No, as a general rule!

Tipping is not expected in Japan. In reality, it can be regarded impolite and disrespectful in a variety of contexts. Rather of leaving money with the waiter or waitress, most Japanese restaurants ask guests to pay for their meals at the front register.


 All these applications given about can help you during your travel to Japan. Most of these applications are free. You can access advanced services with a user-friendly platform. 

Now you can enjoy your time in Japan with these latest applications without any confusion or disturbance. Most of these applications ensure that you can travel to Japan without the help of any guide. So install them and go on your vacation or business trip.


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