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Tokyo Tower Celebrates Children’s Day with 333 Koinobori

Tokyo Tower 333 Carp Streamers

Tokyo Events in May: Tokyo Tower 333 Carp Streamers display, a mesmerizing spectacle of colorful carp-shaped streamers adorning the iconic Tokyo Tower, symbolizing good luck and prosperity.

Meanwhile, Ōme Grand Festival meets Tokyo Tower 333 Carp Streamers, a unique fusion of cultural festivities, as traditional celebrations blend with modern artistry in the heart of Tokyo.

Symbolic Carp Streamers Celebrate Japanese Tradition

Derived from an annual spring tradition dating back to 2009, Tokyo Tower in Minato City, Tokyo, is marked by the display of 333 koi-nobori (carp streamers) hung from the base of the illustrious tower. The number of streamers corresponds with the iconic tower’s height of exactly 333 meters. The colorful display can be viewed from late March through early May 2024.

The carp streamer is a significant part of a traditional Japanese celebration known as Tango no seek, a nationally celebrated children’s day. Homes across Japan commonly hang ‘koi-nobori’ outside their houses as a symbol of hope for children to grow up strong and healthy. The image of a carp was chosen due to ancient Chinese tales, which told of carp defying odds and attempting to scale grand waterfalls in the Yellow River basin, representing bravery and determination.

A Special Addition – The Sanma-nobori Streamer

Annually since 2011, amidst the traditional carp streamers, one special “sanma-nobori,” representing a Pacific saury or “sanma” in Japanese, hangs prominently amongst the rest. This unique streamer symbolizes support for post-disaster reconstruction efforts in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture. The ties between Tokyo Tower and Ofunato City are strengthened annually during this period via the Sanriku-Ofunato Tokyo Tower Pacific Saury Festival.

The exceptional Sanma-nobori measures six meters long and stands out emphatically amongst the traditional Koi-nobori. It is typically accompanied by an encouraging banner signifying a successful catch of fish displayed on a pole at the front of Tokyo Tower.

Sesame Street Joins in the Celebration

This year’s Celebration sees traditional elements and an incorporation of popular culture. Sesame Street characters are appearing, with 40 out of the total 333 koinobori streamers embracing motifs from the American children’s show, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Julia, and Big Bird.

Enthusiasts of Sesame Street can also access a special pop-up shop located on Tokyo Tower’s basement floor which will feature exclusive merchandise centered around the show.

Additional Carp Streamers for SDGs

As part of this lively event in 2024, from April 29 onwards, an additional set of 17 SDGs-inspired koi-nobori will be displayed alongside one that features a collaboration with artists. These fascinating additions add even more flair to this spectacular sight at Tokyo Tower.

In summation, this vibrant and profound tribute brings locals and tourists alike to enjoy and learn about rich cultural heritage every spring at none other than Tokyo Tower.

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