How The Elite 1% Travel Japan: $75,000 Luxury Tour

When money is no object, how does one experience Japan in style? A “Fat Travel” couple spent $75,000 on a custom 3 week private tour. With an elite travel agency handling everything, they enjoyed extravagant hotels, Michelin-star dining, private guides, and once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences.

The couple spared no expense, spending approximately $35,000 per person. This included hotels, domestic transport, food, activities, guides, spa treatments, shopping, and business class flights from LAX to Tokyo.

Just the travel agency portion cost $60,000. This got them an expertly crafted itinerary, airport greetings, private guides, luggage shipping, and every detail arranged seamlessly. Booking luxury business class flights added another $8,000.

Aman Tokyo
A sample from our whisky tasting
Sumo basho action
70 year old stew at a restaurant in Tsukiji Market
Our friendly host at Takimi House in the Kiso Valley
Geisha in Kyoto
Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto
Encounter at Nishiki Market
Garden view from the room at Souji-in
Okunoin Cemetary
Hoshinoya Fuji
Sunrise over Tokyo
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$39,700 on Hotels Alone

Their hotels alone totaled nearly $40,000 for their stay. In Tokyo, they spent 4 nights at the Aman Tokyo for $15,000. Their room overlooking the Imperial Palace gardens started their trip in splendor.

In Kyoto, 5 nights at the Ritz Carlton came to $7,500. At the exclusive Amanemu resort they indulged in $5,000 worth of relaxation.

Other lodging highlights included Hoshinoya Fuji ($3,000) with its iconic Mount Fuji views and Yagyu-No-Sho ryokan ($4,000) with private onsen and kaiseki dining.

Traditional inns like Souji-in temple in Koyasan only cost $1,000 a night. But this paled compared to the couple’s hotel splurges.

Michelin Dining and Private Tours

Eating their way through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, they enjoyed Michelin-starred kaiseki and sumptuous international cuisines. Food tours guided them to hand-picked sushi bars, izakaya taverns, and local eateries.

During specially arranged activities, they discovered cultural arts like tea ceremonies, geisha dances, sumo wrestling, and more. Their private guides to ancient sites like Fushimi Inari Shrine ensured personalized, informative tours.

With an open budget, once-in-a-lifetime moments were daily occurrences. This trip left no Japanese experience unchecked.

Luxury Transport Done Right

Getting around Japan was equally glamorous. Bullet trains whisked them between cities in first-class style. At their destinations, private cars drove them exactly where they needed to go.

Some days they relaxed on luxury buses during guided tours. The agency also shipped their luggage between hotels, allowing seamless travel. Walking was strictly optional.

No crowded subways or hauling suitcases around Japan for this couple. Only the most comfortable transport would do.

Worth the Price?

Was this luxury tour worth the $75,000 price tag? That depends on one’s appreciation of high-end travel. For Fat Travel aficionados who value expert service and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, absolutely.

This couple realized their dream trip through Japan down to every detail. With an elite travel agency custom-tailoring everything, what more could they ask for?

The bill certainly caused sticker shock. But cost was no obstacle in crafting their ideal 3 weeks in Japan. When you can afford the very best, why settle for less?

For travelers with limitless budgets, this $75,000 journey sets the benchmark for luxury tours of Japan. The memories were absolutely priceless.

What is Fat Travel?

Fat travel refers to extravagant, high-end vacations with no expenses spared. For wealthy travelers, often called “FATFire” in financial independence circles, cost is no barrier to enjoying 5-star accommodations, Michelin-star dining, personalized guides, private transportation, and luxurious activities. Fat travel entails lavish spending to optimize experiences, comfort, and service when vacationing in luxury destinations. For fat travelers, money enables unique bucket-list moments and total relaxation. The sky is the limit when fat budgets meet exclusive travel services.

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