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Kameoka Peace Festival Hozugawa River Fireworks: A Unique Summer Event


The Kameoka Peace Festival Hozugawa River Fireworks, a traditional Kyoto event in August, commemorating peace and harmony, is held annually in Kameoka City. This spectacular event boasts approximately 8,000 fireworks lighting up the night sky over the Hozugawa River. With a history dating back decades, the festival is famous for its rare and unique fireworks known as “Tokusen-dama,” specially selected by artists and experts.

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The festival takes place during the first half of August and begins at around 7:30 PM. Over 75,000 visitors from across Japan and beyond come to witness this remarkable display of pyrotechnics.

Celebrating Peace and Tradition with 8,000 Fireworks

Reserved Seating and Other Viewing Options

Although attending the festival is free, reserved seats are available for purchase starting at 1000 yen. Numerous free viewing spots can be found in the surrounding area, one of which is Oigawa Ryokuchi East Park. The park offers great vantage points to sit on the grass and enjoy the dazzling spectacle.

Visitors wishing to secure a good viewing spot are recommended to arrive early due to the large number of attendees. Boats from nearby Arashiyama offer another enjoyable way to experience the grand show.

Show Highlights: Starmine and Various Types of Fireworks

The Kameoka Peace Festival Hozugawa River Fireworks is renowned for its massive Starmine display—the grand finale that leaves spectators in awe. Starmine is a type of firework that launches multiple shells continuously with brief intervals and concludes with an explosion of colors across the sky.

Additional highlights include various other types of fireworks launched during the event:

  1. Gintaki: Resembling Niagara Falls, these cascading fireworks create magnificent formations.
  2. Oblique fireworks: Fired at an angle, these bursts offer unique patterns and trajectories.
  3. Specially selected fireworks: Crafted by expert artisans, these displays showcase captivating and rare designs.
Lively Atmosphere

Food Stalls and Lively Atmosphere

Taking place along the banks of the Hozugawa River, the festival is not only famous for its fireworks display, but also for its vibrant collection of food stalls (yatai), illuminated with rainbow-colored roofs. Visitors can enjoy a wide array of traditional Japanese dishes while witnessing the stunning display of lights above.

In addition to the festivities at Oigawaryokuchi-Higashi Park, onlookers can revel in the lively atmosphere created by numerous stalls lining the surroundings. Overall, this unforgettable event exemplifies Kyoto’s rich cultural heritage and showcases the beauty of Japan’s summer traditions.

If you’re looking to explore Kyoto, you may also want to consider attending Gojō-zaka Tōki Matsuri, which is a pottery festival held in August as well.

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