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Tokyo Mega Illumination Returns for Fifth Year at Oi Racecourse

Tokyo Mega Illumination

Experience the enchanting Tokyo Mega Illumination during December, one of the most spectacular Tokyo events in December.

For the fifth consecutive year, Oi Racecourse, also known as Tokyo City Keiba, hosts one of Japan’s largest light-up spectaculars – Tokyo Mega Illumination. The event will take place from 4.30 pm to 9 pm every evening, and attendees are invited to buy tickets in advance for a discount.

Experience the captivating beauty of the Omotesando Illumination, a must-see attraction within the magnificent Tokyo Mega Illumination.

Driven by a unique blend of tradition and technology, the partnership with art collective Naked Inc allows the venue to be bathed in millions of colorful lights across two distinct areas.

Tokyo Mega Illumination: A Journey Through Time

Merging the themes of “horses,” “racing,” and historical journeys through time, over 8 million light bulbs create an immersive experience that brings captivating artwork to the racecourse’s North Gate and Central Entrance.

The illuminations are laid out across an ‘Entrance zone’ and ‘Time Travel zone,’ each offering unique light experiences based on different aspects of Tokyo’s history. A ground projection of Tokyo’s 23 wards awaits visitors at the Central Entrance, with famous sights emerging as you enter each neighborhood.

Source: tokyocheapo.com

‘Wa no Kirameki’ and Twinkle Area: Light-Up Displays

You’ll be in the ‘Twinkle’ area upon entering the venue. This zone showcases vibrant water fountain shows synchronized to music, breathtaking aurora lights, an illuminated tunnel paired with beautiful art installations such as luminescent blue projection mapping of waterfalls in the ‘Wa no Kirameki’ area, and a garden hosting 4,000 glowing roses at its core.

Continuing the journey through time theme, another attraction includes an illuminated trellis featuring artificial wisteria adorned with pink and golden lights. In addition to this are recreations of typical rural Japanese landscapes that come complete with luminous paddy fields and a shimmering stream,

Visitor Interaction at Tokyo Mega Illumination

Visitors can also interact with real horses at the racecourse in line with its venue’s essence. Offering unique photo opportunities for attendees to capture alongside their memory-inducing adventure through time and other spectrum glows.

The illumination journey doesn’t stop there; Tokyo Mega Illumination offers more attractions, including historic recreations such as ‘Genfukei,’ a nostalgic illumination inspired by life in the Edo period. There are photogenic spots galore, whether it’s capturing Showa-era streets or standing beneath a giant color-changing tree located within ‘Mega Tree Garden.’

For lovers of bustling city life rather than rustic charm, they’ll find themselves lost within lively remakes of downtown Edo — complete with bright red lanterns hanging above and noren curtains welcoming them into vibrant neighborhoods mimicking old Tokyo.

Through it all is Nogami – a main Japanese restaurant offering warmth on chilly nights with curry udon or treats like sticky Dango, best enjoyed with hot green tea.

Beyond mouth-watering traditional delights, there’s also modern ambiance awaiting at the Star Light Dining area, which boasts indoor seating and an outside terrace where guests can indulge in Taiwanese tea or feast on roast beef while sipping craft beer brewed onsite.

While taking Covid-19 precautions seriously by running horse races without audiences for now, The racecourse’s stunning illumination event blends whimsy sights and deliciously varied eats – making it a perfect choice for date nights or family trips.

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