Cherry Blossoms Will Arrive Earlier This Year In Japan

As we step into the year 2022, days are getting longer and warmer seasons are on the horizon. That means cherry blossom season will be here before we know it, and every year we look forward to the forecast that tells us when the nation’s somei Yoshino trees, Japan’s most popular sakura kind, will bloom.

Weathernews, a Japanese weather website, was first with the forecast this year. This year again, every city across the country will experience the cherry blossoms’ early.

So let’s get started by looking at the national outlook for this year:

According to the forecast, the sakura season in Japan will begin on March 15th, with  and Hiroshima being the first cities to see the flowers. Shortly after, flowering will continue across the country, with the season starting 5-10 days sooner than the average year between 1991 and 2020.

Here is the list of all of the dates for each region:

Given that many of these areas are home to well-known hanami flower-viewing locales, let’s take a look at the anticipated start dates for these significant tourist destinations.

Japan chrerry blossom

Cherry Blossom location

Most of these start dates are comparable to or somewhat early than last year’s original projection, which projected the season would begin in Tokyo on March 18th. Still, it started on March 14th, considerably sooner than expected.

Flowering tends to occur sooner than usual when the temperature in February and March is higher than typical, as it is forecast to be this year; therefore, this year’s blossoms may also begin unfurling their petals earlier than expected.


Souce: JapanToday

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