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Tokyo Events in February 2024

As we embrace the new year, Tokyo offers a myriad of events to chase away the winter blues and celebrate the coming spring. Ranging from vibrant plum blossom festivals to breathtaking illumination events, here are some of the exciting happenings in Tokyo this February 2024.

Early February 2024Shinjuku Chuo Park Flea MarketFestival
Mid-February to Early March 2024Kōnosu Surprise HinamatsuriFestival
Mid-November to Late February 2024Kioi WinterIllumination
Early February to Early March 2024Yushima Tenjin Plum Blossom FestivalFestival
Mid Feb – Early Mar 2024Bikkuri HinamatsuriFestival
Mid-November to Late February 2024Tokyo Dome City Winter IlluminationIllumination
Late October 2023 to Early April 2024Yomiuriland JewelluminationIllumination
Late February 2024Some no Komichi Dyeing FestivalFestival

Tokyo Events in February 2024: Exciting Festivals and Illuminations

Shinjuku Chuo Park Flea Market – An Oasis of Bargains in Tokyo

Source: blog.tokyoroomfinder.com

Date: Early February 2024
Venue: Shinjuku Central Park

Shinjuku Central Park: Home for Amateur Vendors

In early February 2024, the Shinjuku Chuo Park Flea Market will take place at Shinjuku Central Park, providing a lively atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. With nearly 200 amateur vendor stalls, the market offers authentic and rare finds among its diverse range of vintage clothing and accessories. This flea market is a refreshing oasis amid Tokyo’s urban jungle and makes for a delightful weekend stroll.

Accessing Shinjuku Central Park

It’s just a ten-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, served by the JR, Odakyu, or Keio Lines. Alternatively, you can opt for Nishi Shinjuku Station on the Metro Marunouchi Line or Tochomae Station on Toei Oedo Line.

Kōnosu Surprise Hinamatsuri

Source: www.cdn.cheapoguides.com

Dates: Mid-February to Early March 2024
Venue: Elumi Konosu Shopping Mall and other facilities

Kōnosu City in Saitama boasts nearly 400 years of experience in the doll-making industry. Every year, gigantic pyramids are erected around Kōnosu to celebrate Hinamatsuri, also known as Dolls’ or Girls’ Day. The main venue at Elumi Konosu Shopping Mall features a 7-meter high pyramid with 31 steps and about 1,800 dolls – the tallest Hinamatsuri pyramid in Japan.

History and Significance of Hina-dolls

A cultural celebration held annually in Konosu City, the Bikkuri Hinamatsuri is a series of events that pay tribute to Hina-dolls, which originated from ceremonies during ancient times. Initially used to ward off bad spirits, these dolls evolved into decorative items that now symbolize luck and happiness. Families display a set of Hina-dolls featuring an Emperor, an Empress, attendants, musicians, and guards to celebrate Girl’s Day on March 3.

Festivities at Bikkuri Hinamatsuri

The festival takes place over three weeks in historical doll-making areas such as the Elumi Konosu Shopping Mall, where visitors can participate in workshops and enjoy markets and performances. A highlight of the event is Japan’s highest pyramid-shaped exhibit of hina-dolls standing at seven meters high with 31 steps and featuring around 1,800 dolls.

Transportation: A free shuttle bus service is available from the shopping mall to other areas in the city showcasing Hinamatsuri exhibitions. Elumi Konosu Shopping Mall is a 10-minute walk from Kōnosu Station on the Shonan-Shinjuku Line.

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination

Dates: Mid-November to Late February 2024
Venue: Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome City’s winter illumination encompasses over 2,000,000 LEDs, draping across structures inside the popular complex. A towering Christmas tree is also a central attraction of this spectacular event. The theme for the 2024 installation is “gifts,” featuring a digital stamp rally alongside a photo competition and a collaborative food menu.

Easily accessed via Suidobashi Station, Tokyo Dome City offers an unforgettable romantic setting for winter evenings, with various options such as Spa LaQua, shopping centers, and amusement parks to complete an exceptional date experience.

Kioi Winter

Kioi Winter

Mid-November to Late February 2024

Venue: Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho

Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho hosts Kioi Winter Illumination, featuring winter forest-themed installations, including the Kioi Forest Tree – a ten-meter-tall centerpiece adorned by smaller trees and greenery. Interestingly, these living trees will be replanted after the event, given their roots remain attached throughout the display.

Visitors can enjoy handbell music performances by Sophia University students on December 20 at 6:30 PM and December 24 at 4 PM. Don’t miss the champagne-gold illuminations along Benkei Moat while exploring this enchanting venue.

As we embrace the new year, Tokyo offers a myriad of events to chase away the winter blues and celebrate the coming spring. Ranging from vibrant plum blossom festivals to breathtaking illumination events, here are some of the exciting happenings in Tokyo this February 2024.Tokyo Events in February 2024: Exciting Festivals and Illuminations

Plum Festivals in Tokyo: Celebrate Nature’s Beauty in Bloom

Throughout February 2024, multiple locations across Tokyo will host Plum Festivals to mark the beginning of spring. These sites are famous for their vibrant displays of plum blossoms:

  • Hana Biyori Botanical Garden: Featuring around 200 blossoming trees in various varieties for a colorful experience.
  • Mukojima Hyakkaen Gardens: A historic destination for admiring plum blossoms dating back to the Edo period.
  • Jindai Botanical Gardens: Boasting 210 plum trees comprising 72 diverse varieties accompanied by music performances and food trucks.
  • Yushima Tenjin Ume Matsuri: This festival held at Yushima Tenmangu (Shrine) highlights cultural events and nighttime illuminations amidst stunning plum blossoms.

Setagaya Plum Blossom Festival

Setagaya Plum Blossom Festival

Dates: Mid-February to Early March 2024
Venue: Hanegi Park

During mid-February until early March, the Setagaya Plum Blossom Festival (Setagaya Ume Matsuri) takes place at Hanegi Park. The park has about 650 plum trees, comprising 230 red plum and 420 white plum varieties. On weekends during this festival, vendors sell plum-themed food, such as madeleines and jelly, along with performances to entertain visitors.

In addition to enjoying the plum blossoms, visitors can participate in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, amazake tasting, and hands-on art and craft activities. Conveniently located just two minutes on foot from Umegaoka Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line, Hanegi Park is a must-visit destination for seasonal beauty throughout spring.

Yushima Tenjin Plum Blossom Festival

Yushima Tenjin Plum Blossom Festival

Dates: Early February to Early March 2024
Venue: Yushima Tenmangu

Yushima Tenjin Shrine is famous for its annual Ume Matsuri (Plum Festival), offering visitors an alternative flower festival experience to cherry blossoms. The plum trees at the shrine blossom earlier and for longer than cherry blossoms, holding cultural events including shamisen-playing, traditional dance, and tea ceremonies. Don’t miss the mikoshi (portable shrine) procession on February 26 and nighttime illuminations from sundown until 8 PM.

Located near Ueno Park, Yushima Tenmangu is an ideal spot for celebrating the arrival of spring and admiring the beautiful plum blossoms.

Mukōjima-Hyakkaen Garden Plum Festival: Blooming Blossoms and Traditional Performances

Mukōjima-Hyakkaen Garden Plum Festival

Dates: Mid-Feb – Early Mar 2024
Venue: Higashimukōjima, Sumida City, Tokyo

Plum Blossoms and Edo-era Entertainment

The annual Mukojima Hyakkaen Plum Festival showcases not only beautiful flowers but also traditional dances, shows, and ceremonies. The garden, which dates back to the Edo period, is home to 360 plum trees of 20 varieties, all of which will be in full bloom. Visitors can catch street performances, dances, and guided walks on weekends during the festival.

Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival: Early-blooming Sakura and Mount Fuji Views

Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival
Source: www.jw-webmagazine.com

Dates: Mid-Feb – Mid-Mar 2024
Venue: Nishihirabatake Park

Blooming Kawazu-zakura Trees

Matsuda’s Cherry Blossom Festival is a unique venue for enjoying cherry blossoms due to its early flowering kawazu-zakura trees. The park offers a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji along with vibrant yellow rapeseed flowers as a sign of spring’s arrival.

Admission: ¥300 for adults (18+) and ¥100 for children aged 6-17 years old.

Yomiuriland Jewellumination

Yomiuriland Jewellumination

Dates: Late October 2023 to Early April 2024
Venue: Yomiuri Land

Created by world-famous lighting designer Motoko Ishii, Yomiuriland’s Jewellumination features millions of LEDs covering the amusement park – including rides, roller coasters, and a Ferris wheel. A dazzling fountain show also adds to the magical experience.

Visitors can see these breathtaking illuminations as well as the picturesque Tokyo night view from the top of various attractions. An evening free ride passes with entry costs ¥1,800, allowing unlimited access to rides from 4:00 PM until closing. Yomiuri Land is easily accessed via Odakyu Line or Keio Line from Shinjuku Station.

Some no Komichi Dyeing Festival – A Fabulous River Gallery of Dyed Fabric

Some no Komichi Dyeing Festival

Date: Late February 2024
Venue: Myoshoji River

Myoshoji River: Reviving Traditional Dyeing Practices

Towards the end of February 2024, Myoshoji River will be adorned with beautifully dyed fabric during the Some no Komichi Dyeing Festival. This three-day event pays homage to the Nakai/Ochiai area’s rich history of dye production, where more than 300 small dyeing factories once operated. Visitors can join the free guided tours available on February 22 and 23, during which they can even try their hand at dyeing techniques like kata-zome paper stencil dyeing and shibori-zome tie-dyeing.

Exploring the Town of Dyeing: Ochiai and Nakai Neighborhoods

The festival takes place across the Nakai area, where local artisans work diligently to preserve traditional coloring techniques from the Edo period (1603-1868). Enjoy mesmerizing displays of colorful fabrics hung across the Myoshoji River or take part in various workshops and exhibitions throughout the event.

Sakana and Japan Festival – A Flavorful Seafood Journey

Sakana and Japan Festival

Date: Late February 2024
Venue: Yoyogi Park

Held at Yoyogi Park in late February 2024, the Sakana and Japan Festival highlights Japan’s seafood culture by presenting an array of regional dishes from across the country. With approximately 80 food booths offering mouth-watering seafood options, this event invites you to savor Japan’s culinary delicacies. To reach the park, visitors can choose from nearby stations such as JR Harajuku, Yoyogi-Koen, Yoyogi-Hachiman, and Meijijingu-Mae.

Samurai Festival at Ueno Park – A Glimpse of Ancient Warriors

Samurai Festival at Ueno Park

Date: Late February 2024
Venue: Ueno Park

The Samurai Festival returns to Ueno Park in late February 2024 for its 5th edition. Spanning four days, this event takes you back in time to experience Japan’s traditional samurai culture through engaging activities and captivating performances. Held at Ueno Park’s Fountain Square, it is easily reachable by walking from JR Ueno Station’s Park Exit.

These magical, fragrant events across Tokyo provide a unique opportunity to enjoy traditional Japanese performances, tea ceremonies, and vibrant floral displays. With various access points by public transport or private vehicles, these festivals offer visitors a chance to embrace Japanese beauty and culture during February 2024.

February 2024 will bring an array of can’t-miss events to Tokyo. As the city transitions into springtime, look forward to flower festivals, art exhibits, and other cultural celebrations. February is also a great time to experience traditional Japanese customs like Setsubun and plum blossom viewing. With so many diverse happenings, Tokyo in February promises to enlighten, entertain, and delight visitors.

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